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Students who take part in Google Code-in with FOSSASIA

Supun Tharinda Sri Lanka
Kumuditha Karunarathna Sri Lanka
Pranav Karthik Canada
Muhammad Wasif Pakistan
Prakhar Gurunani India
Chamod perera Sri lanka
Bui Huong Giang Vietnam
Muhammad Bhaska Indonesia
Maciej Kotowski Poland
Nishith P India
Aryan Gulati India
Nour Bzour Jordan
Param Thakkar Canada
Maja Gołuszko Poland
Aryan Bansal India
Ngo Hoang Dat Vietnam
Sarthak Agarwal India
Akash Raj India
Łukasz Zbrzeski Poland
Siddharth Sinha India
Jatin Rao India
Rahul Metre India
Tom Davies United Kingdom
Adithya India
Oleg Markov Russia
Devansh Singh India
Muhammad Suheer Pakistan
Ashwanth Kumar India
K.G Ramalokeshwar Reddy India
Kamil Pawlak Poland
Amritanshu Ranjan India
Kor Jia Rui Singapore

Student Projects 🎓

Explore the projects built by our students 💕

O2 Di-atomics

Siddharth Sinha

O2 is a platform focused on creating transparency between the user and government working and infrastructure, not just from the side of the citizens but also the officials of government can tag and reply to the feedback provided by users. Read More

Quick Note

Muhammad Wasif

Quick Note is a web app built with React. The app enables you to take notes easily. A user can create, read, edit and delete notes in a minute. It's a offline web app once added on Home Screen. Read More

Plastic Analyser

Nishith P

Plastic Analyser is a Google Cloud AutoML Vision project which allows users to identify the grade of Plastic in order to recycle it efficiently. Read More

Student Blogs


Muhammad Wasif

Hey there, before saying anything, let me introduce myself. I’m Muhammad Wasif, a 17 years old student from Pakistan. I started coding about two years ago. I taught myself front end web development with React. Read More


Chamod perera

Hey there I 'm Chamod perera from Sri Lanka.I'm a pacticipant of this years' Google code-in.So today I'm going to introduce Google code-in and share my experience in open source., Read More


Nour Bzour

Hi there , I am Noor Bzour 🙂 I am a passionate and creative web developer.. ! i am also a competitive programmer..! i love to solve problems..! you can also check my codeforces profile here..! Read More


Muhammad Suheer

Hi, i am Muhammad Suheer from Pakistan, participant of Google Codein 2019 (the best competition to enlighten the importance of open source community in students). I started coding 1 year ago due to my great engrossment in it. I am a full stack web developer. Read More


Aryan Gulati

Hey guys, my name is Aryan Gulati. I am 16 and live in India. I am sharing my experiences as I enter this world of open sorce developing. Hope you enjoy it! Read More

My experience with Google Code-In

Oleg Markov

Hello everyone! First please let me introduce myself. I’m Oleg Markov, a 16-year-old student from Russia. I started programming about six years ago. I’m studying web development, mobile applications development, and recently have initiated deep learning studies. Read More

My Experience in GCI

Ashwanth Kumar

Hello everyone,my name is B.Ashwanth Kumar and I am of 15 years old.My hobbies are to code,play games and also to contribute organisations like fossasia. Read More

My First time Experience in Google Code-In

Kumuditha Karunarathna

Hello there! I am Kumuditha Karunarathna from Sri Lanka. I’m a participant of this year’s google code-in, And this is the first time participating in this competition. I started learning Programming ... Read More

Interview with a Teacher

Kumuditha Karunarathna

Me: What’s your name and where are you from? Teacher: Palika Samarawickrama, From Katugasthota Sri Lanka. Me: Which Institution are you working? Teacher: St. Anthony’s College Kandy. Read More

Interview with a Teacher About Google Code-in

Muhammad Wasif

Hey there! I just interviewed my computer science teacher. In this interview, we are talking about Google Code-in and one of the leading open source organization FOSSASIA. So, without wasting time, here we go! Read More

Interview of a Teacher about GCI and FOSSASIA

Aryan Gulati

He guys, I am Aryan Gulati. I recently interviewd my school teacher about Google Code-In and Open Source Development. Hope you enjoy it! Read More

Open Source's Impact

Pranav Karthik

Hi there! I wanted to share the impact of open source on society and the world. Hope you like it! Read More

BLOG - Open Source - An Unending Journey

Nishith P

Hey there , before getting started with this blog, I would like to introduce myself.Im Nishith P , a 15 year old tech enthusiast from India. Read More

Teacher Interview!

Pranav Karthik

This is a new post with an interview of my teacher about FOSSASIA and GCI 2019 along with his view on Open Source. Read More

My experience in Google Code-in 2019

Ngo Hoang Dat

Hello everyone, I am Ngo Hoang Dat, a 16 years old student from Vietnam. I started to code about a year ago. I taught myself basic Javascript, html, css and a little bit of Python Read More

My experience in GCI for 2 years!

Siddharth Sinha

Aloha! I am Siddharth Sinha, a little bitty 17 year old self-taught Developer and here is my blog about my experience with GCI 18 and 19. Read More

My journey to Open Source with GCI

Jatin Rao

Hi! I am Jatin Rao, a 16 year old student from India. I am sharing my Journey to Open Source with Google Code-in. Hope you enjoy it! Read More

Student Videos

Fossasia Summit

Samyak Jain



Google Code-in 2019 FOSSASIA

Shantnu Kumar India
Mario Behling Germany
Hong Phuc Dang Singapore
Kush Trivedi Indore
Abishek V Ashok India
Amartya Mondal India
Pranav Kulshrestha India
Harshit Khandelwal India
Rohit Potter India
Dilshaad India
Nikit Bhandari India
Prateek Jain India
Jogendra Kumar India
Shubham Gupta India
Uddeshya Singh India
Bhavesh Anand India
Chung Wei Tat China
Nitin Kumar India
Sundaram Dubey India
Mishari Muqbil Thailand
Arundhati Gupta India
André Rebentisch Berlin
Bella Phan Vietnam
Padmal Sri Lanka
Eden Asia
Norbert Preining Japan
Sanskar Jethi India
Suneet Srivastava India
Adityastic India / Ireland
Isuru Abeywardana Sri Lanka
Akshat Jain India

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